Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Know someone who needs a little
Luxe in their life?

Want to earn 50% or 100% off your next month’s box?

(Yes, we mean free. And fabulous.)

Here’s how you can refer a friend to Luxe30:

Send them our plug n’ play email inviting them to join the party.

Inside that email is a special referral link that will flag your account when they sign up. Once their payment goes through, you’ll be automatically credited 50% towards your next box.

Have more than 1 friend who’d adore monthly jewelry & gifts?

Refer another friend to get your next box FREE.

Have even more lovely ladies who’d l-o-v-e what we’re up to?

Send ‘em our way, to keep earning that 50% discount.

(You could earn up to 6 months free)