About Luxe30

learn about what we stand for

What makes Luxe30 different?

A devotion to quality.

A reverence for beauty.

A celebration of life.

And a mission to inspire women to take better care of themselves.

We believe every woman deserves to feel pampered, gorgeous,and special, so she can sparkle the way she was born to.

We’re here to delight your beloved fans, followers and all women across the globe with sweet luxuries that don’t break the bank. We believe they’ve earned it, and they’re something to celebrate… every day.

All of our products are hand selected by our in-house experts, and inspected for quality, value, and unmistakable style. We also carefully review every factory we source from, for ethical treatment of employees, safe working conditions, and fair wages.

Because there’s nothing stunning about cutting corners (on the products, the artists who make them, or the women who wear them.)

Luxe30 was founded for one exceptional purpose:
to treat women across the globe to more of the beauty
& soulful inspiration they desire.

But our mission goes beyond the gifts inside each exquisite box.

Under the dainty tissue paper and ribbons lies a little world of delight; to pamper your senses,
and encourage your shining heart. We also wrap a whole lotta passion & art into every bundle,
with wise missives and messages to remind you of all your awesome potential.

Feeling gorgeous, and creating an amazing life with intention, is never a waste of time.
It nourishes our spirits with deep self love – and that’s never going out of style.

When we grant ourselves permission to indulge in simple pleasures, we empower
ourselves; as professionals, partners, friends, and mothers. We’re happier, bolder,
and grounded in the joy that we can still say “YES” to the little luxuries we love.

We are women.

We are worthy of our wishes.

We are Luxelovers.

Luxe30 is a sparkling vision of
Marnelli Martin – a loving mom,
entrepreneur, & long-time jewelry
professional for top jewelry manufacturing
companies and major retailers.

About our founder, Marnelli Martin:

For over 16 years, our founder Marnelli Martin has lent her keen eye for beauty and fine design to all corners of the jewelry and accessories industry; from product development and marketing, to merchandising, manufacturing, international trade, and everywhere in between. Over the years, she’s consulted with top industry manufacturers and suppliers, and worked alongside retail giants.

Now, she’s bringing her world-class experience (and fabulous taste) in jewels and luxury living to women leaders, fashion, beauty & style experts, soulful entrepreneurs, personalities and influencers all over the planet. The goal? To help busy, hardworking, extraordinary women leaders, delight their fans with fabulous products and enjoy the little lavish delights they deserve.

When she’s not sashaying her way through jewelry, accessory & fashion shows and major client consults, she’s also an adoring mama who loves her family, friends, and oh-so-cuddly golden retrievers.

Her favorite luxe indulgences include: smooth wine, lavender, dancing, world travel, books, style, poetry, art, nature, spas, great coffee, friends, and dark chocolates. For more from Marnelli, say hello to her on Instagram @marnelli.intl.

About our business manager, Corina Davis:

With a decade of solid experience in business management, marketing, customer service, and sales, Corina has successfully helped launch multiple successful businesses. She is highly skilled and experienced with client, web, & E-commerce management, social media campaigns, and affiliate marketing. She’s the wearer of all hats and keeps our amazing team together grounded, together in service, together in one!

Corina is a Classic Luxelover, mother of twin girls, and her favorite luxe indulgences include warm baths, evening runs, good books, and dancing.

About our chief copywriter and media relations strategist, Hillary Weiss:

Hillary Weiss is the chief copywriter, editor, and content strategist for Luxe30, and you can catch more of her work and words on The Next Web, The New York Observer, and Business Insider. Hillary has been the brain behind the Luxe30 voice since day 1, and also helps our team map out key marketing strategies that serve our core philosophies, and our unforgettable sense of style.

Hillary is a Trendsetter Luxelover and her favorite luxe indulgences include massages, nail art, show-stopping statement jewelry, and switching up her hair color & cut on the reg.

About our brand designer, art director, and graphic artist, Rachel Pesso:

Rachel is a brand experience designer who’s spent the past 8 years helping incredible, passion-fueled entrepreneurs and companies make a massive impact on this planet with their big dreams, and even bigger hearts. With a blend of high-level strategy, collaboration, and deep love, she creates websites, membership sites, and Digital Products that move people. She works with passion filled, heart centered entrepreneurs in creating and designing projects that express their dreams and purpose through visual storytelling.

Rachel is a BOHO Luxelover and her favorite luxe indulgences include monthly massages, dark chocolate, and cheese.